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Kombucha 101

Learn how to brew your booch at home!

You've probably tasted or at least heard of this probiotic rich (and delicious) beverage and the benefits to gut health. 

During the workshop we will cover what Kombucha is, the benefits of fermented probiotic-rich foods in relation to gut and overall health, how to brew your own batch and second fermentation/flavouring. 

Enjoy samples of home brewed Kombucha in various natural flavours, network with likeminded individuals and enjoy the space you're in. 

Each attendee receives a Complete Kombucha Starter Kit:

  • Scoby

  • Starter Liquid

  • Thermometer Strip

  • Cotton Cover & Band

  • Tea & Sugar

  • 1L glass jar

  • Printed instructions

RSVP early, space is limited!


Loved this Kombucha workshop! It was fun, informative and the instructions were easy to follow. So far I’ve brewed two batches and they’ve turned out great!! The handout and take-home starter kit with the essentials made the first time brewing processes much easier than anticipated. I highly recommend this workshop and look forward to attending more in the future.

- Melanie


Delicious ferments: kraut's, kimchi and everything in between

Get your tastebuds ready because this is G O O D!

During this workshop, we will discuss benefits of fermentation, as well as preservation and how to incorporate these foods into your diet. 

This workshop is hands-on, so prepare to roll up your sleeves and get your hands briney!

While each participant makes their own delicious ferments, while enjoying samples along the way.

Each attendee receives a fermentation jar, glass weight, airlock lid, wooden tamper and printed instructions.

RSVP early, space is limited to 8 participants!



Superfoods, Smoothie bowls & Nut Milk

Enjoy a fresh smoothie bowl while we discuss how to build a balanced smoothie, which ingredients pair well, and how to balance your blood sugar while enjoying these refreshing beverages. We will be discussing various Superfoods, how to implement them into your diet and which are best suited for your current needs. 

We will also be reviewing how to prepare and process nut milks at home for a tastier, creamier alternative to store bough milk alternatives.